1979 Class Reunion and E-mail Center

DON'T MISS MIXER REUNION NUMBER TEN: Saturday, July 27, 2013 7PM until 02:30AM at Changing Times Ale House 526B Larkfield Road. East Northport, New York - (631) 368-3255. It is very close to the Larkfield Manor Catering Hall and NOT the one located in Farmingdale!!! Mark and clear Your calendars now. It's time again to start reaching out to all our families, friends and classmates for a memorable night out. So get prepared to see people you haven't seen for a long time! Eddie Plitt, the owner Of Changing Times is one of Our Own & welcomes all of you. Food, Drinks, Music, Dancing, & Special Guests...No Cover Charge... Let The Good Times Roll. BE THERE! This event keeps growing every year and you can be sure some old friends... and some new ones too, will be present! Try to let us know if you will attend and how many people you might bring a few weeks, or even days.. ahead if you can. Check out details and updates on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/events/271061239676107/

We need your help with this vital rail trail project that will build a 12 mile walking, running, bicycling and roller blading path which is something I have been involved with for more than a decade and I would like to ask all of my friends to please send in a note of support for this project to at least one of the people below... the web based one for County Legislator Sarah Anker will only take a couple of minutes. Time is running out for the Port Jefferson to Wading River Rails to Trails path. The county of Suffolk is compiling forms sent in and will make a determination whether to proceed with the already funded project, or walk away from it (and the $8 million in federal funds) in September 2012. Please take the time to write and send a letter of support for this project to:
William Hillman
Suffolk County Department of Public Works Chief Engineer
335 Yaphank Ave Yaphank, NY 11980-9744
They will not look at e-mails you so must mail it in as snail-mail so it is well worth the stamp! PLEASE also visit the website of the legislator for the area, Sarah Anker, who has stated she is not sure if she supports the project and will surely make her decision based on this input HERE! http://www.sarahanker.com/rails-to-trails.phpTime will run out and the money will most likely be headed back to Washington DC if we fail to get this message to the people who need to hear it ASAP! Please take the time to do this today... Thank you! And if you know of people who live in her district and would support this trail, pass this on and lobby them to come out in favor of the trail. Rumor is that we are slightly behind with people opposed winning so far. WE can make this happen if we try! Please note that the e-mail form for Sarah Anker may have an error. Make sure you get a "form submitted" response. If you don't get a response or get an error, just change the first field in the form to your actual e-mail address, and put your real name in the "comments" section of the form. THANKS AGAIN ONLY YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN!

WE SUCCESSFULLY HELD A THIRTY YEAR REUNION BLAST ON AUGUST 8, 2009 at the Uniondale Marriot Hotel! Everyone had so much fun that we will hold some less formal gatherings once in a while, as soon as July 14, 2012 as you will see above. We really had a good time on that Saturday in August... quite a few new people who missed other reunions showed up this time! And a few we expected were no-shows... kinda how it goes at this time I suppose. But I'd do it all again in a minute. Thanks to everyone who made the event happen, especially Jack and Craig... it would not have happened without your dedication. But, as always, the night ended too soon and we headed out to the hotel bar and shut that place down too... they kept it open late just for us 79'ers! I hope to see everyone at the next reunion, be it 5 or 10 years out... but really, I hope, much sooner than that!

THE 25 YEAR EVENT was held at Stuart Thomas Manor in Farmingdale on August 7th, 2004 and it was a real blast from the past. The 5 hours we set aside went by TOO fast! I only got to talk to about half the people I wanted to talk to. A lot of people were not ready to call it a night and met at the Finish Line (now demolished) where the festivities continued into the next morning. Many others who attended expressed a desire to get together again soon. Others came for the first time, having missed both the 10 and 20 year events. And of course the many who managed to go to all 3 events so far also helped make it a memorable night. We all had a great time at the reunion, and not only was the company awesome but the food was too. Now let's stay in touch a little more, send someone an e-mail or something to say hello once in a while. Next time we have a reunion... JUST DO IT. You know you want to be there. Also don't forget to UPDATE YOUR INFORMATION so we can find you for the next Mixer reunions, organized by Jimi Ferris.

This site was set up with the intention of keeping us in touch and planning reunions, and anything else you may find useful. Just click on the addresses and you should be able to e-mail directly from this page(if your mailbox is set up!) If you find an error or want your information modified please let me know. More detailed information is provided on the Seventies page, including name changes, for those that have provided it. All info sent will be posted here unless you specify otherwise in the "comments" area. If you know of more alumni e-mails send to denisbyrne@yahoo.com If I did not respond to any e-mail try resending it, occasionally a message gets lost and I intend to respond to everyone. Thanks again for visiting and participating!

* means the person's e-mail address is not valid anymore. If you know of this person's contact info, get it to us soon. And of course, get us ANYONE'S info, or even a relative/friend of that person if that's all you have. Soon, a complete list of the missing people will be posted here. Anyone wishing to research these folks whereabouts, go for it.

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BYRNE, DENIS denisbyrne@yahoo.com OR dbyrn@suffolk.lib.ny.us
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CAP, LAURA tlhcs@aol.com
CARMODY, BRIAN B_Carmody@email.msn.comor brinyite@gmail.com
CHIGOS, CHRISTA clryder@yahoo.com
CIPOLLA, JENNIE* castimon@aol.com
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CLEMENT, EDWARD* fliped1@Juno.com
COTUGNO, PHYLLIS flipper214@aol.com
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CUTLER, SHARON beefma@juno.com
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DANTZIG, STEPHEN steve@dantzigphotography.com
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