Thanks to everyone who contributed to the list! If anyone would like to add anything, let me know!!!


Shea Stadium
Old Yankee Stadium
Giants Stadium(last home game 12/2009)
Fortunoff's Department Store
Commack Road Old Bridge
Entire OTB shopping Center(Unicorp)
Fukuhara's Nursery
Frank's Nursery
Circuit City
Finish Line Cafe
Viva Juan Restaurant
Carvel (was next to Finish Line)
Dairy Queen
Home Depot EXPO stores
Trylon Machine Corp
Check Cashing store
Mr. D's Dry Cleaners
Entire AIL-EDO Complex(now Tanger)
Entire Edgewood Hospital Complex
2 Auto Wreckers and Junkyards On LI Ave(Unicorp)
DP Florist Greenhouses at DP Ave and LI Ave.
Pilgrim State Greenhouses
Vinnies's Mulberry Street Restaurant
Beechtree Cafe(now Panera Bread)
Grapes Of Wrath
Tiffany's Wine and Cheese
Huntington Town House Catering Hall(still standing)
Naragannsett Inn
Deer Park Movie theatre
North Babylon Movie Theatre
LaSalle Military Academy
Eastern Military Academy
Original Olympic Diner(new improved version is open)
The "Commack Forest" bulldozed to make another Kohls, Wal Mart and Home Depot
Old Gertz/Sterns/Macys(demolished fall 2005...LOWE's now open)
Kozy Kabin(became "Scotty Maxx" and now Mike's on "D Avenue")
Cerro Wire and Cable Factory (and landmark Water Tower)
Paramount Macaroni Factory
Day Drugs and Surgical
Mother's (Live Music every night) Bar
The "Chateau" (off Bagatelle Road)
Old Deer Park Train Station (building still there for MTA maintenance)
Deer Park Airport
Deer Park Pharmacy(recent 2004)
Gardiner Manor mall and Old Sears Store
Original (unenclosed) South Shore Mall (don't worry it's still there!)
Deer Park Billiards
Vinny's Pizza
Mulberry Street restaurant
Beacon Motel
Stuart's A&J hardware store
Brand's Mart
1890 Dining Car restaurant
Steak and Brew
Hidden Pond Diner
Hilltop Restaurant
Pine Aire LIRR station
Filene's basement
Times Square stores (TSS)
Cheap John's
Mr. Tee's sporting goods
Smithtown Flea Market
Billy Blake's
Buster Brown Shoes
Crazy Eddies
Paula Jeans Supper Club
Newmark and Lewis(was Dick Lewis REALLY watching??)
Channel Home Centers
Builder's Emporium
WT Grant's
LIE and Commack Sand Pits
Rockaway Playland Amusement Park
Strawberry Picking Farm on Carl's Path
Bridgehampton racetrack
Westhampton Drag race track
National Speedway
Islip Speedway
Freeport Speedway
Deer Park Speedway
Flushing Airport
Grumman Calverton Plant
Grumman Great River Plant
Cerro Wire and Cable Plant
Sands Salvage
Sinclair Gas station
Cello Scrap Metal
Deer Park Lumberyards
Grand Union(both incarnations)
Commack Drive in movies
RKO Theate adjacent to above drive in
Bay Shore drive in
Copaigue drive in
Smithtown drive in
Coram drive in
Coram Multiplex that replaced drive in(now Abandoned)
Rocky point drive in
Brookhaven Multiplex
Patchogue Multiplex
Westbury drive in
Linck's Log Cabin restaurant
Bali Hai restaurant
Tung Ting restaurant
Hilltop Restaurant
Heidelburg inn restaurant
Beefsteak Charlies on Jericho Tpk.
Glynn's Restaurant
Steak and Brew
The Bijou(now Crazy Donkey)
LI Saloon(now Crazy Donkey)
December's Rock Club
Pasttime Pub
People's Pub
Colonial Pub
Good Times of Commack
L'Amour East
Down Under
Metro 700
Uncle Sam's
Les Jardins
Paris-New York
Decameron Room
The Mad Hatter(Stony Brook)
The Mad Hatter(East Quogue)
Solomon Grundy's Clipper
The House of Beers
Le Plage
Ed's Bay Pub
The Salty Dog
Hammerhead's Rock club
Bel Aire Cafe
Dekay's lounge
Park Place
Window's on the Bay
Oak Beach Inn South (original OBI)
OBI North
OBI East (CPI)
OBI West (Industry?)
Earl's Showcase Lounge
The Stage Door
After Dark
Swat Mulligan's
Sportsman's Pub
Leone's back room rock club
2001 Disco Brooklyn
2001 Disco East Islip
St. James Pubbery
Rum Bottoms
Cloud Nine A-go-go
The Cave
The Palladium
Fillmore East
Studio 54
The Mudd Club
Rock Hoppers
Mr D's Rock and roll
Conscience Point
Channel 80
Pronto Cleaners
Shep's Lounge
Levels Supper Club
Sportsman's Pub
Your Place and My place
Colonie Hill Catering complex
Clearview Concrete Products corp.
AIL ballfields
AIL(now EDO corp)
Bald Hill Ski Bowl
High Point Ski Hill(Dix Hills)
Half of Pilgrim State (2 tallest bldgs. still in use)
Pilgrim LIRR station
Pilgrim State Prison
Pilgrim + Edgewood "old smoky" coal fired power plants(pilgrim still stands without its smokestacks)
Original air fouling Babylon Town Incinerator
Huntington original incinerator
Bethpage Incinerator (Town of Oyster Bay, building still there)
Kings Park hospital(possible redevelopment, most buildings still there)
Central Islip State Hospital (now NYIT college)
Suffolk Developmental center
Smithtown General hospital(thankfully!)
Ferguson's Castle (gatehouse is intact home and for sale!)
Nassau Brick Co.
Calson's Lumber
Pete's Grocery
Original Shaeffer Brewery
Original Rhinegold Brewery
Robert Hall
Eddie's bakery
Action House Bar
Frank's Deli
Sand's Salvage
Typhoon Fence Co.
Cyclone Fence Co.
Grumman Calverton
Most of Grumman at Bethpage
Minature Golf place on Jericho and East DP Ave
Minature Golf place on 347 near Smithhaven mall
Original NY tech college campus at Commack and Jericho
the woods across from DP Pools
the old shack in the woods behind waldbaum's (AM party central)
Playground equipment such as See Saws and Monkey bars
Bikes with "banana" seats
3 speed bikes
10 speed bikes
The Deer Park Beer+Soda distributor on DPA
Bank of Babylon
LI Trust Company bank (Nichols and Commack rd)
Franklin National bank
European American Bank (EAB)
Germaine Monteil (and their air pollution!)
Shoreham Nuclear Power plant ( concrete dome and buildings remain)
Westhampton Air Force base (is now county airport and used by Air National Guard)
LaSalle Military Academy
Camp Hero(Montauk)
Floyd Bennett Field Air base
LIRR Wading River extension branch
LIRR Far Rockaway branch
LIRR Manorville Line
Field 9 beachhouse at Hecksher State Park
Field 9 lot and nautical style concession stand at Jones Beach
The sod farms in Melville
Governor's Island Coast guard base
Ft. Wadsworth Naval Base
Rockaway Playland amusement park
Palisades Amusement park (swing all day and after dark!)
Freedomland Amusement park (Bronx)
Roosevelt Raceway
Davidson Aluminum
St. Anthony's High School
Karl's Mariner's Inn
Manufacturer's Hanover trust
Bobby Rubino's Place for Ribs
Gulf Station on DPA near Grand Blvd
New Suffolk Submarine works and base(first in USA!)
World's fair structures in Flushing Meadow's park(many remain)
Carvel in OTB shopping center
Mr D's cleaners(later OTB now demolished)
Angies Pizza(demolished)
Pine Aire train station
Grumman train station
Fairchild Republic train station
Setauket train station
Miller Place train station
Rocky Point train station
Wading River train station
LIRR Central Branch (Bethpage terminus)
Domino Sugar Factory (Brooklyn)
Original Rhinegold Brewery (Brooklyn)
Original Shaefer Brewery (Brooklyn)
AIL/EDO Deer Park (GONE!)
John Anthony's on the water(recently sold)
Galaxy Caterers
Vanderbilt Nightclub (to become OTB)
Suffolk Meadows (AKA Parr Meadows)
Nesconset Armory
Camp Malloy
Bay Shore Roller Rink
Commack Roller Rink
Fountainbleu Caterers
Fergusons' castle
East Setauket Train Station
Grumman Train station
Fairchild Republic train station
Original Edgewood train station (not part of hospital complex)
note: it was located about 200 feet east of today's Deer Park station!)
RCA radio Central buildings
Zahn's airport
Flushing Airport
Cerro Wire and Cable Corp
Floyd Bennet Field(still has limited use)
Smithtown Tri-County Flea Market
Fairchild Republic Flea Market (dilapidated building still stands barely)
Roosevelt Raceway & Flea Market
110 Drive-In Flea Market
110 Drive-In theatre
Almost all the former NIKE missle sites on LI
West End Auto parts
Suffolk Auto Parts
Pizza King 2
Dannys Pizza
Tinas Pizza
Eat A Peach
The Garage On the corner of DPA and Grand

The brazenly plagiarized list from Christa's website:

North Babylon Movie Theatre
North Babylon Bowling Lanes
Viking Lanes
Old Deer Park Post Office
LI Arena
HappyLand Nursery School
Shaw's Nursery
Deer Park Racetrack
Shell Gas Station
Texaco Gas Station
Crown Gas Station
Richie's Gas Station (High Octane for Motorheads)
Stuart's Hardware/Home Center
E-J Korvettes
Republic Flea Market
Fairchild Republic Plants
John's Bargain Store
Best 5 & 10
Sam's Dry Goods
Original Deer Park Bicycle Shop
Park & Shop
Trombetta TV Repairs
LaSalle's Furniture
National Shoes
Robbin's Sporting Goods
Godspell Hair Salon
LI Press
Babylon Beacon
Suffolk Sun
Bon Bon Stationery
HA CHA Stationery
Mr. Greenlee's Pharmacy
Meyer's Drug Store
Whelan's Drugs
Germaine Monteil Cosmetics
Del Prete's Bakery
Belle's Bakery
Bonacasa's Bakery
Loft's Candy
Blueberry Farm
Meat Farms
Food Fair
Blue Jay Market
Big Apple
Original Kozy Kabin(was across DPA)
Tiffany's Wine & Cheese
Grapes of Wrath
St James Infirmary
The Big Bow Wow*
Dean's College Inn*
The Grotto*
*(Former names of St James infirmary)
Trot Inn
Sky Lounge
The Marinade Restaurant
Alkey's Chinese Restaurant
Deer Park Diner (original)
Chief Diner
Frank & Mary's (?)
Pancake Cottage
Starr Deli
(Original) Vinnie's
Sally's Pizza
Chicago Pizza Pub
Baskin' Robbins
Dairy Maid Ice Cream
Dairy Queen
Jahn's Ice Cream Parlor
Mae's(?)/Grand Blvd. Luncheonette
Arthur Treacher's Fish & Chips
Burger Square
Chicken Delight
Jack in the Box
Roy Rogers

OK that ends the plagiarized segment (for the most part)! !!!!!!

These institutions remain!

(at least as of December 2007!!!)
All DP School buildings
Artie's Taxi
Beer City
Waldbaum's(new expanded version)
Cream Puff Bakery(thankfully!!!)
Carvel(several locations)
Mr. Softee
The Nite Owl
Uneeda Rest
The Artful Dodger(AKA the awful dodger!)
Neptune's beach club (Hamptons)
Summer's beach club
Docker's Club
The Boardy Barn
Crazy Billy's (although "crazy" may be going to prison LOL)
Messina's Meat Market
Burger King
Stella Doro
Tony's Pizza
Stan the Florist
Deer Park Ravioli
The Spare Rib
Bonwit Inn
St. Cyrils Church and School
Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robins(2 locations)
Sampawam's Creek wetlands off Brook ave. and Birchwood field
Geiger Lake & wetlands behind W. 24th Street
Pinter Brothers trucking warehouse
Fire Island Lighthouse
Montauk Lighthouse
Horton Point Lighthouse
Old Field Lighthouse
Eaton's Neck Lighthouse
Huntington Harbor Lighthouse
Plum Island Lighthouse
Oheka Castle (formerly Eastern Military Academy)
Coindre Hall
Sagtikos Manor
Vanderbilt mansions
Sand City beach
Robert Moses beach
Jones Beach
Gilgo, Cedar, Overlook beaches
Sunken Meadow Beach and boardwalk
Rockaway beach and the longest boardwalk in NY
Coney Island Beach and amusement park
Edgewood Oak Brush Plains preserve (850 acres)
Old Commack road+bikepaths
Vanderbilt( LI Motor) Parkway)
The "high T's" trails
Abandoned NYC water supply system along Sunrise highway
Junkyards on LI Ave.
Otsego Park
Highland Park
Pine Hill lane sandpits
The 50,000 acre LI Pine barrens preserve
Belmont Lake State Park
Hempstead lake State Park
Valley Stream state park
Heckscher State Park
Connetqout State park
Bethpage State park
Old Bethpage Village
Cupsogue Beach
McAllister County Park
Argyle Lake
Gieger Lake
Multi-_town weather station tower
DP pools(renovated)
Bronx Zoo
Bethpage Incinerator(dilapidated)
NY Botanical gardens (across from Bronx Zoo)
W. Bayard Cutting Arboretum and mansion (Oakdale)
Planting Fields Arboretum and mansion
Brooklyn Botanical Gardens
Central Park
Prospect Park
Riverside Park and Bike paths
Ft. Tryon park
Highbridge Tower
The Highbridge Aquaduct Bridge(to become bike and pedestrian bridge after 50 year closure)
Riis Park
Canoe rentals on the Peconic, Nissequogue, Carman's Rivers and Belmont Lake
So much in Manhattan (Way too much to list... Hudson River Greenway, museums, restaurants, clubs, parks, etc.)
High Line abandoned freight line on Manhattan West Side also will be opened IN 2009! to public after a close brush with demolition
Harlem River greenway (desolate but really cool area will be renovated soon

Possibly Going SOON:

Levitz Furniture
125 year old St. Paul's school in Garden City (historic landmark must be saved!) Pilgrim buildings 18,22,23,24 (Heartland)

Plum Island Laboratory???
Thankfully they never became reality!

Babylon-Northport Expressway (231 superhighway)
Multi-town Solid Waste Recycling, Incinerator and Landfill at Edgewood
Retrofitted Edgewood/Babylon town incinerator inside old Edgewood powerhouse
LIRR Edgewood Superstation
Islip Town incinerator and compost facility
Shoreham nuclear power plant
Jamesport twin nuclear power plants
Lloyd Harbor nuclear power plant
LIE extension to Mattituck
Ocean Parkway extension to Smith's point or the Hamptons
Old Commack Road 4 lane expressway
New Commack road 4 lane widening from 231 to LIE
New Oyster Bay landfill in Plainview
Orient point Bridge
expanded SW sewer district
Edgewood state prison
Expanded Edgewood Hospital (mid 1940's plan would have quadrupled the size!)
Huge sports Stadiums and industrial parks at Edgewood
"Willy World" proposals for Yaphank
Billy Dean's adult entertainment center on DPA
Plum Island Level 4 Biohazard Laboratory (it's level 3)

Help build, save or improve these places!!!

Commack Road Bridge/Edgewood Preserve trails and bikepath network/to Bethpage Park via MP(LIGHT)
Belmont Lake bikepath to Babylon Village
Ocean Parkway bikepath(Captree to Jones beach)
Robert Moses Causeway bike path over NB bridge
Bethpage Parkway bikepath extensions
Motor Parkway (Vanderbilt)extended bikepath from Deer Park/Brentwood to Queens
LIRR Rail trail bikepath to Wading River
Sagtikos bikepath linking Otsego/Edgewood to Sunken Meadow and South to Captree and Robert Moses
additional open space at Edgewood/Pilgrim (could be over 1050 acres total)
open space at Kaufman campgrounds and USDAN center/Wade Property/Ottille lands in Wheatley Heights (over 500 Acres)
Sampawam's Wetlands/Birchwood/Deer Lake preservation
Geiger Lake to Belmont/Southard's pond preservation
The original DP LIRR station
The Old World's fair grounds at Flushing meadows including historic NY pavilion
Coney Island
Morgan Estate
Serota Property at Sunrise and Vets Hwy
Overton Estate
USDAN/Kaufman property
Jamesport Reactor site (Keyspan) Property (500 Acres SAVED)(new state park)
Shoreham Reactor Property (Keyspan/LIPA 1000 acres total)
All the great State parks on LI/NYC
The best beaches anywhere... Rockaway, Jones, Long Beach, Robert Moses, Gilgo, Cedar, Fire Island, Hither Hills, Cupsogue
All the great county parks on LI/NYC
The entire waterfront of ALL Manhattan as a ribbon park(much of it is already in place)
The Pine Barrens preserves
The DEC preserve lands
More plantings and trees along Deer Park Ave. sidewalks and median
DP Fire Dept. park and ballfields

Camp Hero Bunkers and Radar Tower/Fake Village

Hope they preserve some of these endangered historic sites

Empty Pilgrim State Structures such as powerplant, tunnels and water tower and some more forest areas
Nikolai Tesla Laboratory in Shoreham
Remaining Nike Missle sites (could be Cold War Museum!!!)
Bayberryland mansion in East Hampton (May already be DOOMED)
Camp Hero Infrastructure
Other old military sites such as Plum Island
Commack Road Bridge
St Paul's School in Garden City (closed in 1992) Motor Parkway Bridges(Vanderbilt)
Other old Structures on Ellis Island
Governor's Island Fortifications
Fort Tilden
Fort Wadsworth
Kings Park Buildings #93 #15, and #7, and many others
CI "Sunburst" building and others at NYIT campus
Marshall Field Mansion
Eaton's Neck Lighthouse
Morgan Estate>br> Plum Island Lighthouse
Manhattan's "High Line" Elevated Rail tracks(MAY become public walkway and gardens)
Abandoned institutional structures on Roosevelt, Randall's, Hart and David's Islands
Manhattan State Hospital
Historic Smallpox hospital on Roosevelt Island
Everything on Governor's Island
Smithtown Armory (demolition order declared June 2004! BUT NOW ON HOLD)
AIL/EDO(Airborne Instruments Laboratory) DOOMED!
Gardiner's Island

Wish they did not build them

Under Construction: Tanger Outlet Mall at AIL
EIS being studied: LIRR Intermodal freight yard/truck transfer station at Pilgrim State
ALREADY DONE: Another Wal Mart-Home Depot-Kohls center behind Target on Crooked Hill road

I'd like to thank everyone for the many contributions to this list. Keep them coming. Feel free to further plagiarize this page and use it as you see fit, and keep the info coming!
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